My daughter had not spoken to me in 3 years, and had returned the gifts I sent her. In desperation, I began to see Sara, who helped me gain crucial new skills with fancy names like Empathy, Validation, and Perspective Taking. So gently nudged me towards a whole new world called Humble and Vulnerable. Me! When we finally felt I was ready to “hear my daughter out without acting out”, Sara extended an invitation, which my daughter accepted. Three sessions and many, many tears later, I’m happily reunited with my sweet girl. Deeply grateful for Sara’s big heart (I didn’t know therapists cried too!) and wise guidance. Though it nearly killed me, I am a better woman for doing this work.


Sara—I never thought I’d make love to a woman without streams of porn flicks pouring through my head. Growing up on them like I did, I just couldn’t seem to get it up for very long if I didn’t conjure them up. Of course my partners could feel me leaving them. Dismantling that compulsive behaviour is one of the great accomplishments of my life, and I owe you big time. Sorry about all the attitude—it’s really hard to fess up to this stuff. PS when I stopped focussing on the almighty “goal” and learned to STAY with my lover—we rocked it way past those videos….


Well…this is not news to you, but the therapeutic separation you orchestrated for us saved our marriage. I loved your ability to spot the double binds right away, and place us squarely in our ambivalence and had us face the underlying issues. We might still be there, otherwise. The poison is gone and the passion is back….

-Jill and Mark

When I first met Sara, I was a completely broken person on the verge of a major breakdown. I had lived almost my entire life in emotional pain with feelings of being alone in the world, inadequate, and unlovable.  I had been coping in unhealthy ways and hiding an eating disorder that had started 20 years earlier during my divorce.  Sara’s gentle, empathetic, and non-judgmental approach allowed me to explore and understand the impact of the neglect and trauma I experienced during childhood. Sara provided me with the skills and resources to  free myself of the pain and negativity, build healthy relationships, love myself, enjoy life, and overcome my eating disorder. There are no words that can express how Sara continues to positively impact my life long after the counselling sessions were over.


I came to you on my second day of sobriety at age 20 and you walked me through the hell of cleaning up my whole busted life. You mobilized all sorts of resources for me—basically took the role of the good parent until I learned to do it for myself. Today, at age 25, I’m 1825 days clean, I own my own business, I’m married and expecting, and best of all, I love myself truly, deeply, madly, just like you said I would.


The “golden” years were actually deeply depressing until we engaged in those deep existential explorations and the meaning of my life finally began to dawn on me. I’m not sure I would have survived my “untiring” without those hours of life review, deep grieving and letting go, and then opening to the new phoenix rising from those ashes.