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It’s not easy to be a human being. In fact, everyone needs a mentor to attain their best self. It’s that simple. And that hard. By now you may be getting an inkling that life-force is as fierce as it is beautiful, and that we are all participants in an unknown journey. You may have suffered losses. You may be in the grip of behaviours you cannot seem to get on top of. You may be hanging on to something toxic. The immense task of staying sane requires guidance and support. Sara provides exactly that.  Therapy is a GROWTH process resulting in Gains and Benefits 

istock_79829027_largeAsk yourself—wouldn’t YOU love to:

  • Form a deep bond with your essential self that sustains your life passion and purpose
  • Become a relational being and manifest deep alliances
  • Fully recover from traumatic experiences that are still limiting you
  • Respond proactively to disturbing emotional states such as anxiety and depression
  • Cultivate an attitude of gratitude that leaves you buoyant in life’s turbulence
  • Feel the potency of your erotic self
  • Skillfully court joy in your life
    And much more….


You may find that after working on your own for a time, you wish to bring in a partner or family member or friend… there is always a rich opportunity to deepen with others as well.


Familiar themes that bring people into Individual Therapy

  • Managing Mood states such as depression and anxiety
  • Stress and Loneliness
  • Relationship Readiness
  • Building Self Esteem and body image
  • Compulsive behaviours with processes or substances




I am often asked the Question: What Exactly do you do?

Here is my attempt to put the Art of Counselling into words.



Midlife Magnificence

Do you sense an unraveling of old roles, identities, friendships as you traverse the middle years? Is it bewildering to find that activities that were once deeply satisfying have paled? Are you drawn to new horizons that mark a real departure from the established life? Do you feel as if something is trying to burst… Read more »

Trauma Resolution

Trauma has many faces, and if it is not adequately processed, it continues to be persistently debilitating to human function and spirit.  Whether a single shattering incident, or prolonged exposure to deprivation or endangerment, optimal development is arrested and capacity in personal, interpersonal, and professional domains is inhibited.  These impacts can be alleviated by trauma… Read more »

Deep Intimacy

What are hungry for in your sexual experience and expression?   Do you long to: Become an imaginative, present, potent lover? Understand the “Erotic Equation” and rekindle the fire in your bond? Bring spirited being into the embrace? Be blown away and breathless by your Erotic Creature? Feel Felt? Move it like you Mean it?… Read more »

Relationship Readiness

Do you see repeated destructive patterns or make the same old mistakes occurring over and over in your intimate relationships and despair of ever being in a long-term, deeply nurturing bond? 

Emotional Maturity

Developing emotional competence and intelligence is foundational for higher achievement and deep satisfaction in all realms of function: personal, interpersonal and professional. And it can be developed through a process of psych-education, practise of specific skills, undoing old emotional pain-patterning, and introspection, all of which Sara guides. Mental and Emotional hygiene is just as important… Read more »

Relapse Prevention

It’s important to respond early to a misstep! Don’t fall prey to the self-defeating habit of “hitting bottom” and wiping out all your gains when you can learn to u-turn back into sobriety. So you are finally clean from destructive processes or substances. Take a deep bow! You have taken an amazing and necessary first… Read more »