Why Therapy

Gains and Benefits:  It brings out the Best in YOU

Throughout their lifespan, humans face ever-increasing responsibility and an accumulation of losses and gains. These demands can pile up, and may overwhelm our coping, capsizing even well adjusted people if they do not have an inspired ally to support and guide them. Human fulfillment comes from staying open to life and to your own experience as you meet your full potential and share your unique gifts with the world. If you find yourself struggling with this monumental task—call upon Sara’s tremendous capacity and claim these essential life competencies:

You were born with wings. Why prefer to crawl? Rumi

With the counsellor advantage, you can make changes and choices which INCREASE:

  • Expressions of intimacy and sexuality, meaningful connection to self and others
  • Closure with losses (relationships, roles, health etc) so that you can more forward
  • Regulation and containment of emotions rather than acting out
  • Balance internally and externally (mood, sleep, exercise, eating habits)
  • Connection to self and others, building a tribe and sense of belonging
  • Adaptive responses to stressors and life transitions
  • Assertive communication and conflict resolution; the development of boundaries
  • Range of emotions, including acceptance of painful emotions and enjoyment of elevated emotions such as joy
  • Self-confidence, productivity, effectiveness
  • Valuing of self, deepening understanding your intrinsic worth and beauty
  • Strengthened coping styles and ego resiliency
  • Flexible adaptation to (and mastering of) life transitions and stages
  • Emotional expression and regulation,
  • Boundary activation within self and between you and others.
  • Identifying and meeting basic needs, practising self care
  • Grieving losses and making meaning of historical traumas
  • Secure attachment to self and others, capacity for self regard
  • Enhanced personal, interpersonal, and spiritual growth


  • Impacts of trauma (anxiety, panic, flashbacks, nightmares, sleep disturbances, intrusive imagery, interpersonal conflict)
  • Identity and Role confusion, codependent behaviors
  • Addictions and other self-harming and self-sabotaging behaviour
  • Feelings of anger, resentment, fear, shyness, shame, worthlessness
  • Depression, loneliness, isolation, alienation, social withdrawal

Sara is your constant guide as you develop the insight to recognize, prevent and change undesirable behaviors in your life and to respond in a considered and grounded way to new and overwhelming circumstances and situations. Research has long established that warmth, guidance, support, and a safe, neutral place to “talk it out” is a crucial factor in determining whether one suffers, survives or thrives.

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