Relationship Readiness

Do you see repeated destructive patterns or make the same old mistakes occurring over and over in your intimate relationships and despair of ever being in a long-term, deeply nurturing bond? 

Human Beings Require Deep Nurturing Connection or they Fail to Thrive

Human Beings Require Deep Nurturing Connection or they Fail to Thrive

You are not alone—sadly, many millions of people long for deep closeness, commitment and connection, and yet lack the skills to sustain one.  They may be able to meet and form partnerships for short periods, but cannot “go the distance”.  Or perhaps they find that their best attempts to meet that “special someone” are having dismal results, leaving them very alone.

This is widespread and heart-wrenching phenomena, but easily understood if we consider that we are expecting more than ever from a “soulmate” and living longer, which means that bonds must be strong enough to weather life’s tremendous turbulence and the deadening boredom of familiarity.  All that—and we are given NO training in HOW to master the skills of committed, collaborative alliances.  Add to that the burden of pain many people bear from disastrous endings that have never been processed, and it can become a real predicament to attach meaningfully.

You will learn and develop:

  • The nature and nurture of the bond with the Inner Beloved as a prerequisite for partnership
  • The difference between alone and lonely and how to respond proactively to both of these familiar states in life
  • The understanding of the sensuous and erotic Shakti/Shiva energy of all beings regardless of their partnership status—and the gorgeous journey of owning YOURS should you wish to
  • The experience of being the cake of your life and inviting a partner as delicious sweet icing—not the meaning or purpose of your life.

Yes, Relationship Readiness Skills can be learned.  Let’s Begin!