Deep Intimacy

What are hungry for in your sexual experience and expression?  

Do you long to:

  • Become an imaginative, present, potent lover?
  • Understand the “Erotic Equation” and rekindle the fire in your bond?
  • Bring spirited being into the embrace?
  • Be blown away and breathless by your Erotic Creature?
  • Feel Felt?
  • Move it like you Mean it?
  • Touch it out vs Talk it out?
  • Lose your “self” in passion, surrendering into “All That Is”?
  • Understand your dark fantasies?
  • Meet your sexual shadow?
  • Lose the inhibitions, despite not losing the weight?
  • Forget how old you are and love as much as you DO?
  • Go deeper INTO the marriage for satisfaction instead of going OUTSIDE of it?

Regardless of what you desire, Sara supports you, solo or in partnership, to define, express, and experience your unique sexual nature.

Sara enjoys guiding explorations in: 

  • Creating a sexual vision for yourself and/or your relationship
  • Restoring Reverent Intimacy
  • Sinking into Slow Sex
  • Satiating Skin Hunger
  • Coming from Presence
  • Meno “pause” but don’t  “stop”!
  • Uncovering Virility in Andropause
  • Engaging with the whole body
  • Coupling the big “P” and the big “O”—a match made in heaven
  • Occupying your pelvis
  • Authoring relationship agreements which sustain your love
  • Sweet, savage seduction
  • Mapping and firing your arousal
  • Daring to desire
  • Healing power of one-way touch
  • Going “organic” with orgasm
  • Pillow talking instead of porn!
  • Forging an alliance with your subtle body

How Sara works
Throughout the work, clear choice and informed decisions precede any experience, and shared understandings create a container for the work.  Maintaining an environment free of pressure is a crucial ingredient of safety—Sara abides exactly within expressed limits and teaches partners to do the same.  Sara and her clients remain clothed.  Sara does not have sex with clients.

She teaches the art and science of intimacy, arousal, and touch is done through your hands and those of your partner.   Sessions include talk therapy and experiential practises such as embodied movement, working with breath and fascia release, role play, expression of affection between partners, presenced touch and physical holding positions. Clients explore their own arousal by moving into it and experiencing the barriers to its flow.  There may practises or viewings or readings between sessions.

She works with a network of experts and may refer for areas she does not address, such as erotic massage,  pelvic floor assessment or scar tissue remediation.

She works with YOU, in the skin you wear, and exactly in the places you say,  in the transpiring present moment.  The beauty and healing is in following your thread and finding out how your juice and spirit rises.  You will never be pressured to fit a model or theory.  Your erotic journey is guided and supported, never pushed.  Sara excels in entering into your personal narrative about your sexuality and creating space for real transformation.

Sara brings you Experience
Human sexuality, located in the body-mind, informed by personal and systemic experience, and wired to technology, is intricate and complex and requires a dimensional approach.   Sara meets this conundrum with a gutsy finesse earned through decades of experience and research and a willingness to get raw, messy and real in order to birth deep intimacy, the pearl beyond price.  Her potent combination of skills allows her to assist you in unwinding contractions which have taken root in the body, mind and heart.

Her certification in Sex Therapy through Guelph University, coupled with her Intimacy Educator Training equips her to understand the infinite wisdom and fragility of the body and what it requires to open it’s fullness.  Her decades of Clinical Counselling ensure capacity to untangle the snarls which can occur in the cognitive, emotional and behavioural domains of sexuality.  Specialized Trauma Studies grant her expertise in working with triggers, aversions, dissociation and anxiety that may impede sexual expression.  Advanced certification in Couples Therapy prepare her to address how “everything from soup to nuts” accumulates and robs couples of deep, juicy intimacy.  Sara excels in that intense nexus where trauma and couples dynamics are choking the spirited sexuality inherent in every partnership.

Sara’s abiding passion to free life force in every body is infectious and palpable.  She is unwaveringly committed to you being turned ON!  And she welcomes you in whatever way you wish to express yourself:  Straight, LGBTQ, Kinky, Vanilla, Gender Fluid folks or beyond definition.  She also works with those who are engaging in open relationship and/or alternative relationships.

What you bring:
This work requires microscopic adherence to the truth of your body-being.  The integrity of listening with profound awareness to your body will reveal our way.  This is the journey of owning your sexuality – it’s completely and permanently yours!


Redefining Sexuality
The Erotic Nature of Being:  While our society has turned sex into a genital affair, Sara aims to expand your horizons so that you can experience the true nature of sexual energy – as life force itself – the power that animates all of life. This broader understanding of sexual energy requires a re-definition of what we mean by masculinity and femininity, and an inquiry into the nature of attraction – the electrical response which initiates the movement of life force.

Sexuality IS age related—it ripens!
Those who cultivate active awareness and a capacity to experience through their senses become penetrated by life itself.   There are so many ways to be taken—by sound, by beauty, by poetry, by conscious dance, by Grace.  Goal driven sex gives way to following the Golden Thread as it weaves between you, spirit, and your partner.  In midlife, conceptions of “Self” tend to soften and the separation from “Other” diminishes as the Buddha heart opens—guaranteed to “blow your mind”

Research  shows that creativity increases during the lifespan, as can wisdom.  We become capable of distilling and of discerning.  Your partner can now respond to you from deep seated inner knowing of herself.  Your lover will be able to pour himself out to you, whether erect or not.  Performance is less an issue and pleasure pulsing in every cell is possible.

Trauma tramples 
Perhaps distressing experiences shaped and impacted your neurophysiology and you lost touch with your innate, instinctual erotic nature.  Are you living inside a pain body rather than your birthright of a pleasure body?

Its tragic that once-upon-a time you endured trauma, but it would be a crying shame for the devastation to continue in your life.  Until healed, the madness lives on in your body, breaking your heart and drying your juice.   The pure pleasure of your deep erotic is an essential lubricant which keeps the fountain of life racing in your veins.  No matter what happened before, you CAN return to this fullness now.  Because the good news is:

You are neuroplastic.  Your  “soft animal body” was born wired for pleasure, desire and arousal.  Together, we form an alliance to unload the trauma from your psyche-soma and re-associate your brain-body to safety and re-orient your central nervous center to relaxed pleasure.  No, this is not fiction.  It’s science.  And spirit.  And you are worth it.  And life needs you back, full and frisky.

So what is “Sacred” Sexuality?
When you embrace your sexual power in a loving union, you can enact a sacred trinity between your two souls and “All that is” or a sense of “unity”, transforming the level of consciousness in your relationship

To bring human love from the depths of your soul and divine love from source or creation or the numinous into the sexual act is one of the most powerful transformations and healing any human can experience. It is the merge of the great depths of love, sex, soul, the mystical feminine and the pure masculine and that which is larger than “us”.