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Resolution Counselling


Sara Kammerzell, M. Ed Registered Clinical Counsellor, Certified Canadian Counsellor


Videocounselling Available.
In-Person Sessions conducted:
1. Outside (Walk and Talk) and
2. at 415 Kootenay Street, Nelson BC


I’m so very glad you’re here!
Your presence on my site likely means you are reaching for a fuller life—or a way through the pain and back towards pleasure—perhaps you can identify with the statue above, bowed down with life’s ceaseless demands.

Feel inward for a moment and notice….What brings you here? 

Maybe deep intimacy with yourself and others remains elusive—perhaps your very bones feel the ache of loneliness.
Did you betray someone you love and can’t make it better?
Have the black dogs of depression been chasing you?
Do you miss your spouse when s/he’s away and then feel allergic and pick a fight when s/he returns?

Whatever your predicament, I would be most honoured to put my gifts—20 plus years of experience, wellsprings of wisdom, and cupfulls of compassion—behind your healing and growth. I offer a range of traditional services for individuals and couples, as well as unique expertise in Intensive work for couples.

You’ve made it this far which tells me you have initiative. Let’s connect and power you up for the journey from flounder into flourish.

Better keep yourself clean and bright; you are the window through which you must see the world

- George Bernard Shaw