Your Relationship Rewired: An Experiential Group for Couples


Yes, Quantum Change Is Possible

Why? Because you and your partner are neuroplastic!

People lose relational neural networks in childhood due to neglect, under stimulation, or environments which were experienced as dangerous. Development missed in earlier stages of life can be earned in adulthood through engaging in deliberate new actions, sensations, and emotions.   This experiential group will begin rewiring and newly firing neurological networks which never came “online” or grew dormant through lack of use. Couples are guided to actively engage in relational practices that constitute and reconstruct relational networks which produce connection, intimacy and joy.


These sessions give couples the opportunity to bring their real-world issues and dynamics into the supportive environment of other couples “doing the work” of relationship.   Partners will learn equally through being the volunteer “demo” couple who works live on real issues with  Sara and through witnessing the work of other couples.  The benefits cannot be described, only experienced!

The healing power of being witnessed

It is an emotionally corrective experience to be supported and regarded by your peers as you face down former relational impasses and forge new intimacy and capacity. Being held in a community of couples who are rooting for you as you explore vulnerable material is intrinsically healing.  The neuroception of safety is a “felt” experience, is reparative to attachment and belonging systems.

The incredible power of witnessing

Because you are neurologically wired for connection, your nervous system “reads and learns” from others.  Resonant learning occurs when you see others engaging in meaningful ways with issues you identify with, cognitively or emotionally.  Others’ work may reveal issues in your “shadow” which you have been unaware of.  Through mirror neurons, attunement, limbic entrainment, and modelling, you will acquire relational skills through observation.


  • Sense of belonging, relational safety, being “met”
  • Deepen presence, attunement, empathy for self and partner
  • Earn a foundation of trust, mutuality and co-regulation
  • Digest constricted emotional states and release relational joy
Where: 307-402 West Pender Street
Mondays: 6:30-9:00 pm
Maximum: 5 Couples
Dates: TBA please email for dates
Inclusive: All expressions of gender identity, sexual orientation, relationship structure are welcome
Register: Indicate your interest by email and receive a registration package
Requirement: Couples need to have completed 2+ sessions of couples counselling or do an Intake Interview with me to determine readiness
Payment: eTransfer a non refundable deposit of $300 to reserve your place.
Remainder of $600 is due September 7th, 2020.
Fee includes the GST.
Receipts will be issued.
Cost: $150/session per couple
If you can’t make it after you’ve paid the $600, then 75% or $450 can be carried over to another of my groups within a 2 year period.
Parking: Street meters or parkade at 535 Richards Street