Trauma Resolution

Trauma has many faces, and if it is not adequately processed, it continues to be persistently debilitating to human function and spirit.  Whether a single shattering incident, or prolonged exposure to deprivation or endangerment, optimal development is arrested and capacity in personal, interpersonal, and professional domains is inhibited.  These impacts can be alleviated by trauma therapy.

Trauma occurs when a person’s internal and external resources to cope are catastrophically overwhelmed.

Trauma:  Too much happens too fast

trauma-black-manAnother form of trauma, termed Complex Trauma, results when insufficient  environmental support undermines the maturational development of mind, body, emotion and spirit.  This can occur at any point in the lifespan, but it is in childhood, when we are most dependent on receiving care and unable psychologically or physically to provide for ourselves, that the most insidious impacts occur.


Release the grip of the past


You do not need to remain in survival mode throughout your life, replicating what tragically happened in your childhood.  The human being has proven to be astonishingly “plastic”— meaning able to rewire neurologically and emotionally when experiencing environments rich with the ingredients missing in the formative years. 


The therapeutic alliance is specifically designed to orchestrate trauma resolution

In therapy, all of you is welcome.  You do not have to dissociate any part of your experience.  You as a being will be witnessed, heard, attuned with, supported, celebrated and respected.  Your needs, wants and boundaries will be explored and regarded.  Your strengths and resiliences will be uncovered and encouraged.  Your capacity to stabilize in the face of intense affect states will be cultivated. Limiting beliefs about yourself or others will be made explicit, so that they can be softened to allow you a fuller life.  And when and if you are ready, we engage in tenderly and gently exploring the ravages of your past at a sustainable pace, based on your ongoing safety.  We will collaborate on a relevant approach, drawing on Sara’s advanced training.

Here, finally, it can all be known, articulated, grieved, and released, freeing your psyche and cells from carrying the contractions of fear and pain throughout your lifetime.