Reviving the Lost Art of Cherishing


Human beings are incredibly and intricately wired for social connection, and in modern times, the majority of people simply do not receive enough deep, thoughtful, nuanced, tender care. This is true whether you are in a relationship or going solo. We are aching to be held and received in reverence and presence, but the speed of life precludes these slower, deeper states unless we learn how to capture moments and claim them in order to feed this fundamental and oh-so-fun hunger.

Join me to do just that: stop the clock for two and a half hours and cultivate a new awareness of how to cherish your beloved–-the one within you, and the one you are partnered with.

You will experience:

  • the latest in bonding research
  • an opportunity to explore your longings
  • a language to express them
  • the healing art and powerful science of presence
  • an introduction to karezza touch
  • subliming your bond


Where: 307-402 West Pender Street
Date: TBA please email for dates
Maximum 5 couples/pairs
Inclusive: All expressions of gender identity, sexual orientation, relationship structure are welcome
Register:  email your full name and mobile number to register
Requirement: Due to the experiential nature of this evening, it is best suited for pairs and is open to partners or close friends.
Cost: $90 per session per couple/pair.
Payment: eTransfer  $90/couple/pair to reserve your place.
Fee includes the GST.
Receipts will be issued
25% refund if cancelled within 10 days.  No refund if cancellation occurs with less than 10 days.
Parking: Street meters or parkade at 535 Richards Street