Sara Walks her Talk

Wild Nature has always been my truest home—my happy place, but also a deep holding environment that heals the wear and tear of life.  I’m deeply grateful to my parents, whose vision of raising their children on the land, surrounded by gardens, forests, creeks and creatures, gave me an enduring case of biophilia.

Love and gratitude for this precious planet drew me to walk her forests, shores and ridges— often with clubs, but also deeper therapeutic “hike and howls” or pilgrimages like the Camino (900 km, Spain).  I was also the therapist for the Take a Hike program for at-risk youth, and saw first hand how restorative nature and exertion are.  Put simply, moving in nature is my medicine.  Science is now able to substantiate what walkers have known all along:  it keeps us sane!

During Covid-19, I returned to my hometown of Nelson for ten weeks, and the trails drew me in day after day, revealing the freshness of a new season.  As Spring unfurled her fresh potential, I was mobilized to change up my sedentary work life—to step out of the office and onto a literal path—of self discovery—with my clients.


Give me a wildness whose glance no civilization can endure
Henry David Thoreau. Walking

I am excited to announce that I’m dedicating Mondays to Walk and Talk therapy.  If you are drawn to Find your Ground, please contact me.