Love Happening


Literary Advisory:  park your mind; this is a love letter.

As if shot from Cupid’s bow, the unfurling of Spring is piercing my heart with pointed questions about the true nature and capacity of the human heart to bloom and grow.  The deep shadow revealing itself in human politics in January seems paradoxically to have set love in motion.  In the darkest night, the prince has been very stealthy, arriving in the deep sleep of the collective unconscious and kissing us into a radical new awareness. Like the bulbs deep in the earth, pushing toward light, Love is revealing itself everywhere: internally, externally, eternally.

David Suzuki, in his immense examination of The Nature of Things, came to understand love as the agent that draws atoms together, as magnetism which pulls matter into form, and as the unifying and cohesive force underwriting existence. Think of the perfect synchrony of birds swooping as one as they paint the sky. Love also galvanizes the human heart–is it possible that we could learn to stream seven billion channels of love together, in flow?  Entrain our heartsong in universal coherence? This would require each one of us being under the influence of love.

When have you experienced radical love? And what did it propel from you? Was it the swelling in your chest when you looked at your sleeping baby? Or awe of the mother who thrusts her crocuses up through the snow each Spring? Perhaps you fell headlong into the mystery through the portal of your lovers eyes. Swelling and thrusting are not figures of speech. They are direct experiences that grip every cell–bringing us fully into the present moment and into contact with the vital, fierce lover that we all are.

In this 11th hour, can we trust the hot, elemental kiss of the sun and the cool caress of the wind and the warmth in a beloved’s holding enough to wake from the trance of Unlove that has us perpetrate so much harm?  The proof is everywhere that this species is not heartless and that life-force loves us absolutely and generously.  The sun and wind and swooping birds know something we have not yet understood:

We cannot open our eyes without encountering love 

A beloved of mine once asked me what I’m doing here on Earth, in a voice that I’d learned meant he was under the influence of the mystery. So I quieted way down before I offered “Figuring out who I am?” There was a smile in his voice as he nudged me deeper with “But that’s already known. You ARE love. Dare you answer the question:

How does love look, lived by YOU?

The heart knows truth when a beloved speaks it.  This precious planet IS offering us the most noble of all teachings.  Earth IS the school of love.  Dare we declare that we are the species delicately poised to become stewards of love on this fragile, precious ball spinning in space?   Notice that we are equipped.  Heart-wired.  The very first sign of life in the undifferentiated blob of cells that eventually becomes a foetus is the winking on of the heartbeat.  At death, the most common wisdom shared is “love is all that matters”.  Wait…the cherry tree is whispering…“learning that you ARE love is a survival imperative”.  Dare we let that blossom pierce?

Let us hold our suffering tenderly, yet remain wedded to the undefended heart. The broken heart which refuses to quit love blazes a pure light which can illuminate even the very dark in us.  Let us collectively take up the remnants of our hearts, just as we find them in this moment, and let Suzuki’s cohesion weave them into the magnetic force of nature that they truly are. Let’s join in a practise to establish a sovereign being-of-love:

As the warmth and light return, let each and every bloom you encounter be an invitation to bloom open your heart.  Let these radiant expressions of life-force be both the miracle and the mirror.  You and the flower, beholding, is love, actually.  Love is only, ever, a gaze away.

What would this Spring look like if you fell TRULY, DEEPLY, MADLY IN LOVE with your own vivid HEART?