Your Magnetic Word of the Year

WORDS are not just elements of speech or writing, they are energy which has the capacity to impact or transform our own or others’ vibrations.  Words connect us on a far deeper level than just getting our point across cognitively.

Think of the human love affair with poetry—how it moves us to tears, ignites the courage to forage ahead, melts our defences.  Words are transmissions, and their etymology—where they originated and what they first meant, and what circumstances gave them birth— can give us hints about what they might stir inside us or bring up for others.

What word do you want to live into, to be beckoned by, to invite deep into your unconscious as well as install front-of-mind?  And there are so deliciously many!


I know a dear friend who was chosen by the word HUMBLE this year.  Born in the late 13 century, it has Latin roots meaning literally “on the ground,” from humus “earth”.  As opposed to putting on airs.  She describes an instant resonate with it, felt it to the marrow of her bones, after reading Caroline Myss passage:

Humility allows you to recognize and acknowledge all of the positive qualities of body, mind, and spirit in another person. Humility disarms the competitive voice that whispers to you, “There is not enough. What about you? You must be first. You need more. You deserve the reward, attention, the status and the money far more than the other person does.”

My dear friend said YES, and it propelled her to examine how she perceived and responded to herself, her world, and her fellow humans.  She contributed, as she always had, but invisibly so, noticing that making a difference didn’t have to be announced with bells and whistles.  Paradoxically, after she sweated it out through eating some really humble pie, it began to dawn on her that Spirit found immense strength in fessing up and facing down her ego demands.  The more she celebrated the beauty of others, the more her cranky Ego withdrew.   Her stability expanded.  That single word took her on a mighty journey, the learnings of which are still reverberating in the many new ways she is living, closer to the ground.

Wishing you the arrival of your magnetic word for  2017