Reviving the Lost Art of Cherishing

Join me May 26th at 6:30 pm to do just that:  stop the clock for two and a half hours and cultivate a new awareness of how to cherish your beloved–the one within you, and the one you are partnered with.  The evening will provide:

  • the latest in bonding research
  • an opportunity to explore your longings
  • a language to express them
  • the healing art and powerful science of presence
  • karezza touch
  • subliming your bond
  • the exquisite art of amplifying sweet sensation
  • chocolate

Due to the experiential nature of this evening, it is best suited for pairs and is open to partners or close friends.

 Advance Registration Required.
Donation can be made by cash, check or e-transfer
307-402 West Pender (at Homer)