Covid-19 In-Person Counselling Safety Measures

This information is provided to help you determine whether you are ready to resume in-person services, and to do so in a mutually safe way.    If there is a resurgence of the pandemic, returning to videocounselling or phone is likely.


The Safety Measures I will take:

I am adhering to all of the guidelines set forth for in-person counselling by Worksafe BC and the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors


  • I will only meet in-person if I am completely well
  • If I come into contact with anyone who is infected, I will put in-person counselling on hold for two weeks
  • I will take my temperature daily and meet only by videocounselling or phone if my temperature is over 100F/38C
  • I will observe these physical distancing safety measures:
    • Remain 6 plus feet apart at all times
    • Open and close the door so that I am the only one touching it
    • Invite you to hang your own coat 
    • The waiting area chairs are spaced widely apart to ensure physical distance 
  • Disinfect my hands and commonly touched areas of the office between each sessions of  counselling
  • Provide hand sanitizer with 80% disinfectant for client use in office
  • Disinfect hands before writing your receipt and send by email if you consent
  • Physical contact, even a handshake, is not safe at this time

Here are the Safety measures I ask of you:

  •   If you have an upcoming “in-person” counselling appointment and are feeling unwell, regardless of severity of symptoms (even if it is a minor cold), please change to a video/phone session for the same time – rather than cancelling with less than 48 hours notice.  This will result in paying full fee for the session. 
    This is a useful tool to assess risk  ThriveBC Assessment Tool
  • If you’re in contact with anyone who is infected, you will let me know and we will put in-person counselling on hold for two weeks
  • Please take your temperature daily and meet only by video/phone if your temperature is over 100F/38C
  • You are welcome to wear wear a mask if that increases your feeling of safety
  • Please come no earlier than 3 minutes prior to your appointment. If you arrive earlier, and there are more than 2 people in the waiting area, then please wait near the elevator windows until your appointment time.
  • Please keep in mind that elevator capacity will be limited to 2 passenger per elevator cab.  If the elevator arrives and others are in it, wait until the next one
     Please pay by etransfer so we can limit the use of cash handling.
  • Please bring your own water.

While it is very exciting to return to in-person counselling, there are several important issues you need to be aware of:

Your Confidentiality changes in Covid 19 pandemic

I have an obligation to provide contact information to appropriate health authorities for contact tracing when required. This situation could arise if:

  1. I test positive for COVID-19, 
  2. You test positive for COVID-19,
  3. Another in-person client has tested positive for COVID-19.

I will only provide as much information as is necessary for tracing purposes, as outlined in  section 77.6(1)-(7) of the Health Protection and Promotion Act.

Cancellation Policy

Please note that the policy remains at 48 hours.  Should you feel ill, and there is less than 48 hours to cancel, you are welcome to change your session to videoc/phone to preserve your health